Parking Houses

Discontinous LED strip solution is an ideal replacement for Tube lighting in parking house

500m linkable
Discontinuous Light effect
EMC Tested
Driverless Solution
Low Flicker
  • Length

    Connect directly to the LINE VOLTAGE without the need for an additional power supply for quicker, safer, and more simple installation. Enable easy installation with no driver to hide, and enjoy consistent brightness from end to end.

  • Solderless

    Power your space with lasting solutions and less fuss. Deliver linear lighting solutions that outlast regular LED lighting products by 1.5x in time. Your clients will notice the difference – LESS MAINTENANCE, LESS TIME SPENT, AND MORE COSTS SAVED.

  • Customizability

    We seek to understand your idea, and we create a solution to deliver it. Ideas come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and so do our solutions too.

    • Range of color options for creating any atmosphere
    • Creating any level of brightness tailored to the needs of the business
    • New manufacturing process to produce any shape in strips