You inspire.
We innovate.

We’re united by the vision to change the future of linear lighting solutions

With proprietary and disruptive technology that empower you to create new experiences

Inspired by you.
Designed for you.

Pioneering the industry

With proprietary expertise in linear lighting solutions, we continue to innovate and lead in engineering cutting-edge LED lighting solutions, available worldwide.

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Redefining through R&D

Profiled continues to redefine new standards in the LED linear lighting industry. We strive to pioneer new testing methodologies, technologies, and applications, committing to advancing your business with products that sit at the edge of the marketplace.

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Accelerating the process

Our products and consultancy services host a rich combination of capabilities that increases the value of your lighting projects. Increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability in ways you have never imagined.

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Next Generation Safety

We hold safety and security to the utmost priority. All our products are certified to international standards, lab-tested to ensure human safety, and engineered for optimal security in installations.

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Power and Precision

We strive to develop a product that is impactful and a product you can feel good about. Utilize high- efficiency lighting technologies that give you the tailored light solution you need at the exact measurement, with less energy.

As a leader in the field of linear lighting solutions, we have over three decades of experience spearheading the development and delivery of powerful lighting solutions with transformative applications.

We strive to add value to our clients' businesses through top-quality linear lighting products, continuous innovation, and exceptional consultancy services to turn your ambitious ideas into a reality.

At Profiled, we believe in challenging the impossible.

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Profiled invests heavily in research and development to create constant innovations within the linear lighting industry.

We develop our own testing methods to drive the discovery, development, validation, and delivery of cutting-edge products with high-quality materials, advanced encapsulation solutions, high efficiency, and varied customizability.

We hold over 100 designs, validated, and developed proprietary technology, to bring you the best linear lighting solutions you can find in the market.

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Profiled is all about delivering highly tailored solutions, customized to your exact needs and challenges.

We offer a wide range of linear lighting solutions in the market, customizable for colors, shapes, brightness, and a variety of encapsulation features.
Our linear lighting solutions are offered at up to 300m in length, cuttable at every 100mm or even shorter for exact precision.

Certified for safety, sleeker in design, and made to be easier for installation, Profiled’s linear lighting solutions are created to be hassle-free.

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