General Lighting

Discover versatile lighting solutions in our General Lighting. Whether you need functional or decorative lighting, our products ensure well-lit and inviting spaces and explore perfect on Profiled

Power Factor >0,9
Ecodesign Compliant
Flicker Free
Multi Voltage Range 110-230V
Discontinuous Light effect
Driverless Solution
5/10cm Cutting Length
UV & Chemical Resistant
Up To 3500lm/m
100M Linkable
Our Best Solution

The best light solutions are dimmable, flicker free and energy saving.

Let us help you find the right light solution suitable for your market. We produce LED strips for different applications tailored for very specific needs.

Available Products

Elevator Series 30/50
Elevator Series 30/50

The Elevator series is a patented range of products specifically designed to be installed in elevatorshafts.

Flex Discontinous strip 300/500
Flex Discontinous strip 300/500

The next generation LED strips designed specificially for areas where length is important. A unique design discontinous lighting effect and possibility to go up to 500m in one chain.

Flex True White RGB 50- Series
Flex True White RGB 50- Series

Expericence innovation with our Flex True White RGB strip- Series. The cutting-edge solution seamlessly blends versatility, style and functionality. Unlike traditional LED strips, our True White technology offers the most natural shade of white light. Say goodbye to dull and artificial lighitng.

  • Length

    Connect directly to the LINE VOLTAGE without the need for an additional power supply for quicker, safer, and more simple installation. Enable easy installation with no driver to hide, and enjoy consistent brightness from end to end.

  • Solderless

    Power your space with lasting solutions and less fuss. Deliver linear lighting solutions that outlast regular LED lighting products by 1.5x in time. Your clients will notice the difference – LESS MAINTENANCE, LESS TIME SPENT, AND MORE COSTS SAVED.

  • Customizability

    We seek to understand your idea, and we create a solution to deliver it. Ideas come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and so do our solutions too.

    • Range of color options for creating any atmosphere
    • Creating any level of brightness tailored to the needs of the business
    • New manufacturing process to produce any shape in strips