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Always on, Profiled’s LED lighting solutions are compatible with emergency back-up power systems

Collaborating with numerous industrial entities, we have developed a family of lighting solutions that offer resistance to industrial levels and meet stringent industrial standards, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Chemical resistant

Due to the composition of the encapsulation material, our LED lighting products are resistant to chemical contact.

Impact resistant

Rated at an impact grade of IK10, Profiled’s LED lighting products are high impact resistant, glow in dark, dust free with diffusion effect.

Emergency power back up compatibility

In the event the main power source is interrupted, Profiled’s lighting products can continue operating on an emergency back-up power system.

Industrial Solutions

  • Workshops

    Suspended from high ceilings, Profiled linear LED lighting products make sure work spaces brightly lit for vision health and personnel safety.

  • Pendant Lights

    Long, light, and flexible, we provide encapsulated linear LED lighting that is power-efficient and easily illuminates all required areas from lofty heights.

  • Service Gallery

    Impact-resistant and pliable, our lighting solutions readily adhere to service gallery designs to provide safe and secure lighting.

Serving Top Companies around the World

It’s no mean feat to align with our service reputation amongst our clients, but Profiled has consistently helped uphold our reputation since we partnered with them. Excellent service and product every time.

- VP of Illumination, The Illumination Arthouse -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.