Special Atmospheres

Light up any industrial environs with a chemical and mechanical resistant, ductile and lightweight 300m strip

We work with a wide range of construction companies to provide safe lighting products tailored to strict construction requirements, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Impact resistant

Rated at an impact grade of IK10, Profiled’s LED lighting products are high impact resistant.


Designed for ultimate portability, our LED solutions can be carried easily around construction sites, glow in dark, dust free with diffusion effect.

Quick and easy installation

Short installation times make our products ideal for fast and easy set-up and removal.

Construction Solutions

  • Building Sites

    Long and flexible, we provide linear lighting solutions that can be reeled up and moved in line with construction progress.

  • Cranes

    Solderless, and resistant to mechanical solutions contact, our LED products can safely light up the boom or operator’s cab.

  • Scaffolding

    Pliant and lightweight, Profiled’s linear LED lighting solution can be wrapped around scaffolding and dropped from a height for quick installation and use.

Lighting Up Businesses with our Proprietary Technology

Profiled’s LED strips saved our global clients around 50% of installation time, and only once did they have to go to back-up power, but the strip stayed on and they remained safe while the main power was restored.

- Head of Safety, Light It Up -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.