Flow with the warehouse structure and bring bright, uninterrupted light to the entire area

Feasible and robust design that provide the proper light levels for temporary storage of your most valuable goods. We develop lighting solutions that effortlessly create the ambience events need, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Delivered wound around a reel, our lighting LED solutions are easily transported to the target location.

Light weight

Less than 50g per meter, Profiled’s suite of lighting LED products is resilient and durable.


Driverless and solderless, our products provide uninterrupted lighting along their length in any environment.

Warehouse Solutions

  • Tents

    Weighing in at fewer than 50g per meter, Profiled’s driverless linear LED lighting products can be quickly installed far overhead for maximum illumination.

  • Canopies

    Lightweight and weather-proof, our warehouse lighting products illuminate canopy-covered areas regardless of the season.

  • Storage

    Designed with a thin form factor, Profiled’s linear LED lighting solution can accommodate storage areas with even the most minimal space for lighting.

Serving Top Companies around the World

It’s no mean feat to align with our service reputation amongst our clients, but Profiled has consistently helped uphold our reputation since we partnered with them. Excellent service and product every time.

- VP of Illumination, The Illumination Arthouse -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.