Accommodate the diverse shapes and sizes of signs and keep them consistently lit at all times

Underscored by a deep understanding of the needs of signage lighting customers, we provide an array of high temperature-resistant innovative products tailored to these requirements, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Small form factor

Able to fit into the narrowest of frames and trims, our products can be as small as 12mm in width.

High environmental resistance

Our products are ideal for extreme working environments such as those that have high temperatures and UV exposure, or corrosive and humid conditions.

Low maintenance

Driverless and solderless, our products have a long life-span and require considerably less maintenance.

Parking Solutions

  • LED lighting on gas station

    Fascia Lighting

    Long, linear, and continuous, our LED lighting solutions have a low core operating temperature, making them perfect for fascia signs where there is little room for cooling airflow.

  • Flag Signs

    Solderless, flexible, and light with a low operating temperature, Profiled’s linear LED lighting products can safely curve to the contours of flag signs.

    LED lighting on flag signs
  • LED lighting on lightboxes


    One single power supply from one point ensures that our products stay lit within even the tightest of lightbox spaces without interruption.

Lighting Up Businesses with our Proprietary Technology

Profiled’s LED strips saved our global clients around 50% of installation time, and only once did they have to go to back-up power, but the strip stayed on and they remained safe while the main power was restored.

- Head of Safety, Light It Up -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.