Keep the lights on all year round – waterproof, heatproof and UV resistant.

Underscored by a deep understanding of the needs of outdoor lighting customers, we provide an array of weather-proof advanced products tailored to these requirements, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Up to 300m in length

Continuous lengths of up to 300m allow full lighting coverage of up to 1000m².

Waterproof and weather-proof

At an IP67 level, our lighting solutions operate flawlessly under even the stormiest of conditions and demanding,  high mechanical stress.

Low maintenance

Driverless and solderless, our products have a long life-span and require considerably less maintenance, dust free.

Public Area Solutions

  • stripe lamp on the side of the road

    Streets and Pavements

    Profiled’s long, linear LED lighting solutions provide comprehensive lighting coverage for a wide range of pedestrian and vehicle areas.

  • Corridors

    Our discontinuous linear LED lighting products are manufactured to accommodate any outdoor corridor design, from outdoor rest areas through decorative walkways.

    LEE lighting on corriod
  • LED lighting on bridge

    Traffic and Pedestrian Tunnels and Bridges

    From yellow lighting through white illumination and dust-resistant, our driverless and solderless products provide the safest way to illuminate tunnels and bridges at any time.

Serving Top Companies around the World

It’s no mean feat to align with our service reputation amongst our clients, but Profiled has consistently helped uphold our reputation since we partnered with them. Excellent service and product every time.

- VP of Illumination, The Illumination Arthouse -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.