Consistent lighting for constricted spaces, in one continuous up-to-300m strip for Elevator applications

Working with elevator contractors and construction companies, we develop efficient, next-generation linear LED solutions for elevator shafts, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Low cost

The cost of our products is low, but not at the expense of quality, thanks to fast and easy installation, and the use of LED technology.

Quick and easy installation

Short installation times make our products ideal for vertical work.

Up to 300m in length

Continuous lengths of Profiled LED lighting provide concise and uninterrupted lighting.

Elevator Solutions

  • Elevator Cab

    A bending radius of 25mm and a slim form factor ensure that our lighting products can wrap around an elevator cab ceiling continuously regardless of size.

  • Machine Area

    Dust-proof and coated with anti-glare treatment, Profiled’s family of elevator lighting products offers durable and clear lighting.

  • Elevator Pits

    Able to weather impacts when dropped from a height, our linear LED lighting solutions can also be fitted easily to the elevator pit in one continuous strip.

Serving Top Companies around the World

It’s no mean feat to align with our service reputation amongst our clients, but Profiled has consistently helped uphold our reputation since we partnered with them. Excellent service and product every time.

- VP of Illumination, The Illumination Arthouse -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.