Long-lasting, innovative linear LED solutions for Indoor Retail applications

We work with multiple retailers to produce leading energy-efficient and low maintenance lighting solutions that fit into tight spaces and have built-in longevity, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Space saving

Designed to fit into the tightest of spaces, our continuous linear lighting solutions can mold themselves to the contours of retail displays.

Perpetual lighting

Illuminate retail settings continually, worry-free. Profiled linear LED lighting solutions are designed to operate faultlessly for long hours.

Low maintenance

Light up retail space continuously and still save on maintenance costs with servicing frequency at only once every few years, dust free.

Retail Solutions

  • Ceilings

    Profiled’s linear LED lighting solutions bring flexibility and fast installation that enables dynamic fitting to textured or smooth ceilings at a brightness level to suit the environment.

  • Recessed Lights

    Where space is tight, recessed lighting is an effective space-saving option. Profiled’s linear LED lighting solution offers a tiny form factor that can fit into a width as narrow as 10mm.

  • Display Lights / Furniture

    Whether lighting up multiple colors or accentuating one hue, our linear LED lighting solution can be customized to a preferred color spectrum. High CRI and R9 solutions enhance products’ appeal to customers.

Lighting Up Businesses with our Proprietary Technology

Profiled’s LED strips saved our global clients around 50% of installation time, and only once did they have to go to back-up power, but the strip stayed on and they remained safe while the main power was restored.

- Head of Safety, Light It Up -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.