Customizable, pioneering linear LED solutions for Indoor Residential applications

We produce leading energy-efficient and low maintenance lighting solutions that save space and are highly functional to a range of residential developers, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Small and flexible, our continuous lighting strips flow with the dynamics of residential layouts to invisibly provide the perfect ambience.


No drivers mean no power connections in the middle of the lighting to disrupt a flawless output of light.


Soft and cozy or bright and vibrant, our linear LED lighting solutions offer control of interior lighting brightness.

Residential Solutions

  • LED lighting on lobbi

    Lobbies and Floors

    Provide smooth and consistent illumination that welcomes and relaxes over large areas and at lofty heights, through diffused lighting design that is unobtrusive and even.

  • Rooms

    Customize the lighting to the room’s size and function and to present a certain setting, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms to any other room.

    LED lighting on room
  • LED lighting as accent

    Accent and Recessed Lighting

    Create soft atmospheres and highlight design features with indirect luminescence and controllable brightness, whether it’s via narrow trims, or recessed ceiling troughs.

Serving Top Companies around the World

It’s no mean feat to align with our service reputation amongst our clients, but Profiled has consistently helped uphold our reputation since we partnered with them. Excellent service and product every time.

- VP of Illumination, The Illumination Arthouse -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.