Efficient, next generation linear LED solutions for Indoor Commercial applications

Powered by a deep understanding of the needs of the customers of indoor commercial lighting, we have a range of innovative products tailored to these requirements, power saved per lighting project up to 80%.

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Up to 300m in length

Continuous lengths of Profiled LED lighting opens up a world of possibilities to interior designs.

Energy efficient

Profiled products exceed all major environmental standards, and are built to last.

Low maintenance

Driverless and solderless, our products require less installation time and considerably less maintenance.

Commercial Solutions

  • LED lighting on lobbi

    Lobbies and Atriums

    Large scale customizable solutions that can be blended into recessed spaces and molded to fit the contours of ceilings, walls, floors, and escalators.

  • Office Floors

    Linear LED lighting solutions designed for every modern office space, from common areas to cubicles, to corridors, to meeting rooms.

    LED lighting on office floor
  • Accent Lights

    Decorative and customizable, Profiled LED works with some of the world’s leading interior products. We have the know-how and adaptation to fit any design.

Lighting Up Businesses with our Proprietary Technology

Profiled’s LED strips saved our global clients around 50% of installation time, and only once did they have to go to back-up power, but the strip stayed on and they remained safe while the main power was restored.

- Head of Safety, Light It Up -

Light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.