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Moving with the scaffolding

Moving with the scaffolding

EL Bjorn is a leading company providing equipment to effectively set up construction sites.

with a plethora of building sites was facing climbing waste and associated costs as well as increasing safety issues regarding lighting at its building sites, especially in Northern European countries where the winters are long and daylight hours are mercilessly short.

As construction projects progressed from one area to the next, construction site workers had to laboriously shift traditional industrial lights and their bulky, heavy, cumbersome accessories, including portable generators that were noisy and smelly. In the summer, the generators added heat and pollution to the still, stuffy air, while in the winter, the lights came on sometimes as early as 3 – 4 pm depending on how far north the country sat, but wouldn’t always stay lit because the generators or the lights themselves would fail. And construction delays would result, driving up costs and time. Even more economically and environmentally hostile was the fact that the lights were unusable after a while owing to the harsh site environment, regardless of if the lights had been stored in a tent or warehouse, so had to be thrown out.

The construction corporation searched for solutions and encountered Profiled’s LED lighting solutions. Would these solutions be suitable? The company presented Profiled with its challenge, and the latter got to work.

Profiled evolved its lighting product and developed a linear LED lighting solution that surpassed expectations.

The Profiled total linear LED lighting solution provided:

• A hardwearing outer case that would encapsulate and protect the PCB and LEDs from a construction site’s rough and all-weather environment for a long time (IK10 resistance to impacts);
• A direct plug-in to the AC, thus circumventing the need for any generator;
• Flexibility along its lighting strip length, so the lights could be hauled up and down and around corners without turning off or breaking yet easily adapt to the contours of the ground, scaffolding, storage tents and warehouse and other outdoor areas, and roofing structures;
• A lightweight form factor that would be easily held in place with cable nylon ties;
• A reel format for simple and fast deployment and clean up, which also did not require any specialized knowledge to use;
• An extraordinary length of 300 meters of continuous brightness of over 1500 lm/W with a dimming control that could more than adequately light up the construction area and that comply with standard safety regulations; and
• A CE RoHS certification.

Furthermore, the Profiled solution had accessories that enabled the construction company to split the lighting strip so that it could be connected dynamically with other light sources. Compatible with backup emergency power also came as part of the solution, ensuring continuous illumination for up to two hours should the main power generator fail.

Profiled has now partnered with this construction company as an ODM.

We have been using LED strips from Profiled for several years now, and the light performance is outstanding. Profiled and their skilled team are revolutionizing the lighting industry with innovative design, high quality control, and technical competence. Elbjörn’s requirements are some of the toughest as the product is used for both general lighting and safety at construction sites.

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