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Lighting up elevator shafts

Lighting up elevator shafts

TK Elevator (TKE), a leading global provider of elevator solutions, was researching lighting options for elevator shafts.

The main issues were even lighting —from elevator shelves to elevator pits — for an environment that has one of the strictest safety and security rules and regulations in Europe. Due to the height, and the combustible and explosive atmosphere of elevator shafts, the company realized that traditional fluorescent lighting was no longer feasible. Two engineers took an average of two days to affix discontinuous lighting to the shafts floor by floor using trailing cables and drills. The high and frequent maintenance, space limit, humid environment, soldering elements, and other components also cost the company more than necessary. And were proving to be potential safety and fire hazards. But at the time, there was no solution on the market.

However, TKE had heard of Profiled and wondered if Profiled’s lighting solutions were suitable.

At that point, Profiled had yet to consider elevator shafts as an application for their linear LED lighting solutions. It wasn’t until the elevator corporation approached them with its challenge did Profiled evolve its initial design into a patented lighting strip of up to 300m in length that would work in such a confined area. Besides the small space, Profiled’s lighting solution also had to be low maintenance, easy to install, and free of safety hazard-causing components.

Many iterations later, Profiled had a lighting solution that would fit the elevator company’s requirements. It was time to install the lights and put them through their paces.

One anticipatory start later, and the under-15kg, using fewer than 50 rounds of LEDs, discontinuous strip light rolled from the top of the elevator shaft to the bottom, illuminating every inch required with nary a glitch and leaving the machine areas dark as specified. Owing to a tensile pulley system, the light strip easily pulled straight. It took one engineer four hours to light up the elevator shafts in one building, and even months later, there were no maintenance or safety or fire hazard issues. The Profiled lighting solution had met the client’s requirements and obtained approval on European Standards EN 81-20 and EN81-50. Profiled is now TKE’s sole lighting solutions provider in Europe.

As the Electric & Electronic Lead Buyer of one of the biggest international corporations in the lift industry, we demanded a new solution for illuminating the shaft of the elevators according to the requirements on the European Standards EN 81-20 and HSE internal standards. Profiled, delivered an innovative compliance solution that reduced the installation time between 3 and 6 times depending on the height of the building due to the lower weight of the LED strip (silicone) versus the current market solutions (PVC), providing better light distribution inside the shaft and maximum powered length up to 150 meters. We have worked before with many lighting solutions providers but none of them delivered a high added value solution as Profiled.

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