Client Innovation Stories

Adhering to roofing trusses, wall structures, and recessed areas

Adhering to roofing trusses, wall structures, and recessed areas

Luz Negra is a supplier of linear lighting solution packages for home, commercial, retail, and furniture clients.

It needed lighting that could adhere to various shapes throughout the different industries in which it operated:

Roofing structure trusses

Wall structures

Recessed areas

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to illuminating indoor spaces with linear lighting solutions is how to adjust it to all the contours of the spaces and how to direct the luminous flux in the desired direction. In addition, due to the reduced space available in indoor locations, the lighting solution must be compact, small size? and easy to be installed.

The first idea was how adapt our solutions to the different available supports* in the market. These supports*(aluminum profiles mainly) provides the luminaire with support and the desired orientation of the luminous flux, but the problem here, was how to make our solutions compatible with all (infinite) the available profiles in the market.

After some time of analysis and tests, we realized that we should turn around our point of view 180 degrees and combine the supporting aluminum profile and light engine in only one product. For that, we found a very innovative solution that we called functional strips: these strips, besides providing the desired amount and quality of light, are self supporting and self oriented in order to avoid the of usage of extra supporting elements (aluminum profiles). We developed special extrusion toolings in order to provide our strips with the desired shape that can be screwed/fixed directly to the mounting surface.

This innovation, due to the considerable cost saving (no need profiles) and the functionality (flexible solution that can be merged in almost every contour and shape of indoor spaces) make our client stand out from the rest.

As a European leading company in professional linear lighting solutions we approach Profiled with a requirement to design and deliver us a product that could embed in only one product, profile, power supply, diffuser and LED light engine, and the final outcome was our “Ghost profile” with an outstanding integrated solution that is not only different from other products in the market, but it can achieve great savings in time and cost in our lighting installations. The product quality together with their technical assistance received were the key factors to decide working with Profiled. We continue currently working with some other Profiled models for the strong confidence that we get from them.

Luz Negra