Our Approach

Daring to light the way to a smarter, more productive, and more efficient future.

Future-Led Business Strategy

Our strategy and path to the future

With our future-led business strategy, we have a long-term strategy that charts our path forward. It guides us towards a future that creates lasting value for our clients and for all the people that use the products.

Our journey started with a dream, and we have taken considerable steps to achieve that. With the future in mind, we have established goals we want to continue to redefine.

strip lamp technology

Innovation at our core

We never settle for what we have achieved today. Through constant innovation in Research & Development, we continue to see our dream of transforming the linear lighting industry.


Our technology has many applications beyond our knowledge - that’s why we put a large focus on partnering with our clients to understand their challenges and how our products can solve them. We continue to explore a diverse range of business industries, bringing efficient transformative solutions to each.


Our solutions are inspired by the people and made for the people. We honor this with a company-wide commitment to reducing our ecological footprint and upholding sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. Our end product is a combination of ecologically conscious materials and solutions that help conserve energy within businesses.


Our extremely low defect rate is one of the key reasons our customers choose Profiled. The alternatives are costly maintenance fees every year. We will continue to excel in quality and to raise the benchmark for the entire industry.


Metric Tons/year
of CO2 saved LED + Driverless technology

Defective rate
strip lamp run over by wheels


The ability of Profiled is to bind our solutions to the needs of a specific industry. From length, width, and compression pressure through to fire retardant materials, we are only bound by our client’s inspirations.

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